Garmin nuvi 265WT

General characteristics:

The device of new generation with improved user interface and loaded cartography, North America, and European (road network and details of the larger cities).
A large screen (10.9 cm diagonal) color is clear and readable in direct sunlight.
In addition to significantly better user interface, the nuvi 265 has a completely new function in the world of road navigation. Especially important were the so-called. "Hotfix" function, the regular use of the device, ensures the acquisition of satellite in just a few seconds. Time zone is no longer necessary to manually adjustable. With photo navigation with site users can download Google Panoramio geocoded image and set a route towards a position where he painted. Map view is also enhanced 3D shaded relief model, and only the movement of vehicles around the map, due to a stronger processor, is now much more fluid.
The device is compatible with the TMC receiver, and users can monitor the traffic conditions in the countries where this feature is enabled.
The device includes Bluetooth wireless technology for hands free calls.

Physical Characteristics
Interface: USB 2.0 port for connection to PC
Antenna: Integrated
Waterproof: NO
Dimension : 7.1  x 9.7  x 2.0  cm
Weight: 173g
Display: 9.7 x 5.7 cm WQVGA Color TFT with white backlight

GPS features
Receiver: high sensitivity GPS receiver last generation
Accuracy position: GPS: 5-15 meters depending on the quality of receiving WAAS / EGNOS: 3-5 feet when the satellites are available
Time of acquisition, "warm" start: about 15 seconds, "cold" start: about 45 seconds AutoLocate ®: Approximately 2 minutes
Update positions: 1 second, continuous

Points: 1000
The lines of movement: Nuvi 2xx series does not support tracklog function
Support for the cards: Yes - via Micro SD memory card or internal memory.
Trip Computer: The distance time, timer, Average and maximum speed
Additional software: uploaded  map of the whole of Europe and America - 2009 NT City Navigator

Source: Internal Lithium-ion battery
Battery life: Up to 4 hours